4 of the Best Trends in Roofing

Some of the best trends in roofing are those that are implemented and used every day and real roof tops. Here are 4 new roofing techniques trending for 2024.

  1. Self-Cleaning and Self-Healing Roofs. Roofing that is treated with new coating technology can make it difficult for water and dirt to stick. The protective coating prevents buildup and reducing damage; when it rains, it washes away. Weather is a common cause that can easily breakdown asphalt roofs, like granule loss. If a shingle gets scratched, a shingled made from thermoplastics, can heal itself by sitting in the sun and separates the polymer and when it cools, the molecules create new bonds and sealing any damage from scratches.
  2. Cooling or White Roofing. The creation of a “cooling” roof comes from a energy efficiency in response to climate change. Cooling or white roofing offers solar reflectance and thermal emittance than traditional roofing resulting in more efficient cooling of a home.
  3. Adding robotics in construction, can lead to more efficiency, safety and accuracy. A robotic shingle installer is a winch-based robot that allows for more accuracy and speedier installation of a roof; but for now, the robot still required humans to operate and reload.
  4. Silicone roofing. Silicone roof coating is a spray you can add to fill in roofs’ cracks, blisters and seams allowing more protection from the elements.

Repairing or replacing a roof is not an easy undertaking for any home owner. And the construction industry is always looking for better and environmentally friendly ways of helping ease the pain.

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Different types of roof coating. Background from layers of sheet metal  profiles, ceramic tiles, asphalt roofing shingles and gypsum slate.