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Look for a Lincoln Nebraska roofing company with decades of experience and a team that’s highly trained, like BB Roofing —A local roofer will know the weather in your area, will fix the damage, but more importantly, will help you protect your roof and your home from future damage.

Nebraska residents understand Midwest weather conditions. But, do they also know how to look for storm damage after the events have happened. Most residential home owners try to see what damage they can from the ground. Our experienced Roofing Advisor will come and check out the exterior of your home from the roof down. Rain, debris, sun, leaves, other weather elements can reduce the life of your roof, gutters, siding and windows., Little amounts over time can do a lot of damage allowing water to travel into surfaces that become damaged with too much exposure.

Our crews are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do the job right. The team has been trained through manufacturer certified programs and safety courses. In addition, BB Roofing uses superior materials from industry leading manufacturers. Every project deadline is met without sacrificing our expert quality work which will last for years to come.

BB Roofing's goal has always been about taking pride in our customer service, master craftsmanship and ensuring that our customers receive only the highest quality products and service.

We have high standards and make sure that every project that we complete for you is to your satisfaction, or we will make sure that it is fixed and corrected. We work with you and your friends and want to build a relationship with you to be happy with the job that we have done so that you can tell your friends about us as a professional Lincoln Nebraska roofing company. 

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