Leaky gutters are one of the worst causes of water damage in homes. When water isn’t properly pulled away from the home, it can run down the sides of the home, pool around the foundation and seep into areas it shouldn’t be. When you see a gutter leaking from a crack, hole or even from a seam, you’ll want to get it repaired quickly. Because when water goes where it shouldn’t, you can get rusting, mold or rotting around your home.

Downspouts and gutters are made to drive water away from the home and its foundation. So, if your gutters or downspouts are clogged, leak or are damaged they are not able to properly drive the water to its destination. When water isn’t properly moved, it can cause damage to the rest of your house like your roof, siding, interior and basement too. Gutters and downspouts will also protect your interior, exterior, basement, and foundation from water overflow.

If gutters or downspouts are broken, they can’t do their job properly and the rest of the home will pay the price.

Getting your gutters repaired with a trusted service, in a timely manner is key. Even if the leak or damage seems minor, you’ll want to get it fixed quickly because it will only get worse. This may be a simple fix for a professional who knows what to look for. If you suspect you need your gutters repaired, call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation inspection today.

If your gutters need to be replaced, our exterior experts can help you pick the perfect gutters and siding to compliment your home. We offer a variety of different manufactures, styles and colors. We can guide you through the selection process to make it easy and enjoyable! Don't wait until it has already caused damage, give us a call today and get peace of mind.


Roof showing gutters and soffit on the back of a brick house.