Facts About Roofs You Should Know – Part 1

Facts about roofs – The roof of your house is a very important aspect of your home and is often overlooked when it is in good working condition. Homeowners typically only think about their roof when something is wrong and they need it repaired or replaced. As a homeowner, there are several facts you should know.

Take a flat roof for example. Most people think a flat roof is flat. But did you know that a flat roof is actually sloped by at least ¼ inch per foot? It doesn’t have steeps or slopes, but a flat room does have a slight slope to it to help water drain efficiently off of it.

You can’t cover an existing roof efficiently. If your roof is leaking, putting another layer of roofing on it will only compound the issue. The extra layer of shingles or roofing only adds weight to the structure. The damage is still underneath it and still needs to be fixed. If you let the damage just sit there under another layer of roofing, and then the damage will only get worse.

A roof consists of more than just wood and shingles. There are actually several “layers” to a roof so that each roof is durable and can block out any climate weather. The roof consists of ice barrier, waterproof membrane, flashing, drip edge, shingles and ventilation; all elements or “layers” of a roof!

More facts about roofs – Roofs need to breathe. Not like a human, but they need to allow air to flow underneath it. Therefore, every roofing system needs proper ventilation. For perfect conditions, a roof and the attic area need to have a temperature and humidity level that matches the conditions outdoor.

Just like the rest of your home, a roof needs to be cleaned. Yes, cleaned! It needs to be cleaned so moss, algae and fungi do not grow. Therefore, you need to find a company that specializes in cleaning roofs to properly have it done.

If you need help maintaining a proper roof, call BB Roofing and we will walk you through all the options that fit your needs and your budget. Call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation estimate today!

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