Have You Ever Met the BB Roofing Team?

First allow me to introduce you to the heart and soul of BB Roofing … Blaine Brown. He is the founder and the backbone. From an early age, hard work, dedication and a good work ethic taught him these were the keys to success. He takes this philosophy and instills it in each of his team members.

Which leads us to Buck Hopkins. The production member of our team. He’s our go-to guy. If we need supplies and products for a job site, Buck makes sure we get them when we need them. You could easily say we couldn’t do anything without him!

Our regional sales manager Brad Ebeling provides the impeccable service BB Roofing is known for. He’s one of the faces you see in our community, on the jobsite and helping out neighbors.

Meet Dave Conde, general manager at BB Roofing. Dave oversees all the projects we have; from quality installations to estimates to storm preparedness.

Trent Ihde and Ben Hanson are our quality assurance master minds. Trent has an impeccable eye for detail. We think he learned this, when he was becoming an eagle scout. And Ben is committed to customer service and the love that he shares with interacting with people. Together this team is a dynamic duo!

Someone you may not get to see a ton is Susan Herold. While you may not get to see Susan, you know she’s there because everything in our office is running smoothly because of her. She always has the answers and is never afraid to use her knowledge to excel BB Roofing in the community.

Jeff Niebaum and Pat Boyle round out our team of specialists. These gentlemen are the experts coming to your home to access any damage you may have to your home. They are expects in their field and you won’t be in better hands then with Jeff and Pat.

If you are looking for a new team to work with and need an expert in your corner, reach out to BB Roofing. We are your local roofing company offering free estimates with no obligation. BB Roofing will help you find what best suits your needs and budget and guide you through an easy and pain free installation or painting process. Call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation estimate today.

Roofing Advisors - BBRoofing.com Team - Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa