If You Own an Apartment Complex, Keep These 4 Tips in Mind

Just like with any roof, an apartment roofing can sustain damage due to heavy rain, winds, hail, snow and even animals. Even over time, an apartment roof can deteriorate, especially if it was not installed correctly or maintained regularly. Here are a few tips to keep your apartment complex roof in great shape and keep the tenants happy!

  • Have the surface of the roof cleaned regularly. Debris, dirt and other type items can gather and collect water, leading to water damage. Regularly removing debris, dirt and items from the apartment roof allows water to drain properly.
  • Keep the reflective membranes clean. Regular cleaning of the reflective membranes will keep them working properly; while a dirty membrane can increase heat absorption, causing them to wear out sooner.
  • Repair any damaged roof quickly. Natural disasters can wreak havoc on any roof. If the apartment roofing was storm damaged in the latest storm, get it fixed quickly. Check all the edges, chimney’s, flashing, shingles, etc…
  • Regular upkeep. Check shingles or holes regularly; along with gutters. Look for obvious signs can save you and your tenants headaches down the road.

Following these four simple tips can save you problems in the long run. And keep you and your tenants happy while limitting any disruptions to the day-to-day lives of residents.

Roof repair is not something you want to put off, it’s best to give it attention right away. Small damage can become big damage and cause major problems. If you suspect you need your apartment roofing repaired, call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation inspection today. The damage can be difficult to spot. BB Roofing has HAAG certified inspectors will ensure your apartment’s roof has not been damaged. Once we review the apartment roofing, we will work with you to put together the best solution to getting it fixed; a solution that works with your budget and timeline.






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