Metal Roofing and Solar Tile Trends

Since 2023, the roofing industry has seen an increase in demand on metal roofing, solar roofing and roofing tile. We all know that roofing tiles and metal roofing material is more resistant during severe weather events then asphalt shingles. We have also found that these products are growing in popularity due to the price of petroleum and petroleum-related products increasing, which drives the price of asphalt shingles. 

Metal roofing and roofing tile is a more costly type of roofing, but because of the longer product lifespans and ability to enhance the “curb appeal” they are becoming a popular choice according to the Freedonia Group, a research company and their recent report.

Despite the rise in popularity of metal and tile products; asphalt shingles still account for the largest share of residential roofing.

The new housing segment of the roofing industry is expected to drive growth. The report suggests that new roofing will account for twice as many gains as compared to reroofing. This is primarily due to COVID-19 and the escape of residents to more rural areas.

This isn’t to say reroofing won’t happen. The reroofing market will account for about 80% of the demand and primarily be due to home improvement projects.

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