What is the Best Kind of Roofing in Kansas City to Get?

The best kind of roofing in Kansas City to get is the kind that best suits your home, climate and budget.

Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles because they are affordable and versatile. Plus, they are durable and easy to install and typically last 30 years. One of the reasons this roofing material is great in Kansas City is because you can get it in many different colors like gray, brown, red, green or blue. Just know that over time, the colors can fade due to sun exposure.

Metal roofing is another alternative for roofing in Kansas City because of its affordability, low-maintenance and can last up to 80 years. You can choose from shingles or sheets and they come in a variety of colors. If you are thinking about installing metal roofs on your home, you’ll also need to add soundproofing to reduce the noise.

Wood roofing is another attractive roofing material and can really have your home stand out. However, these types of roofs are not very practical in Kansas City with all the rain and snow we get here, because wood is susceptible to water damage, mold, mildew and rot.

The most durable type of roofing is slate and clay tiles because they require little to no maintenance. Slate is fireproof and resistant to high winds and extreme temperatures, which is great for Kansas City weather. One of the major drawbacks with slate and clay tile roofing is the expense. It’s one of the most expensive roofing materials you can get.

When you are trying to decide on which roofing material to use on your home here in Kansas City, remember to go with the one that suits your home, climate and budget.

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