What Questions Should I Ask About Gutter Installation?

Gutter installation might look and seem simple, but there is more to them then just what you see from the ground. There are different styles, materials and options based on your home. So what should you ask to determine what gutters are right for you and your home?

What size gutters do you need to install? Most homes have 5” gutters. But larger homes with may need a 6” gutter, especially if they have steep roofs or expansive roofs where gutters drop multiple levels. Switching from 5” to 6” as they can handle 40% more volume than 5” gutters.

Do you use a level when installing gutters? The answer is they should. It only takes a few seconds to verify the proper pitch of a roof using a level. The correct pitch allows water to flow properly and in the correct direction.

How closely do you space gutter hangers? Gutter hangers can be a bit pricey and there’s no rule to mandate the spacing. If hangers are spaced too far apart, the gutters won’t hang properly. Make sure that the hangers are no more than 24” apart.

When you are asking these questions, also make sure that gutter installers are bonded and insured. You don’t want to be held liable for injuries of a worker on your property.

Asking the right questions with a gutter installation will give you the information you need to hire the right installer. Plus, it will save you time and money down the road.

If you are looking for new gutter installation, call BB Roofing and we will walk you through all the options that fit your needs and your budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have new windows in time for winter? And you’ll save money on your heating bill. Call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation estimate today!


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