What to Ask When You Need a New Roof

There are a ton of thoughts running through your head when you realize that you need a new roof on your home. Can I afford this? Will insurance pay for it? How much is this going to cost? What am I going to do with the mess? How long will it take?

These are all typical questions homeowners wonder when they are struck with the idea of having to replace the roof on their home.

The first thing you need to do is find a roofing company that can replace your roof. When you are considering a roofing company, you’ll want to ask them how long they’ve been in business, references, proof of insurance and information on warranties.

In addition to these standard questions, here are a few other questions you’ll want to know about.

  • Will the roofer remove your old roof? A good, experienced roofer should always take up your old roof before replacing it.
  • Will the roofer install drip or metal edge? One type or the other needs to be installed, otherwise you end up water damage.
  • How many nails will the roofing contractor use per shingle? You’ll want four to six nails per shingle. They also need to be properly installed otherwise you may miss the shingle below, void warranties or tear the shingle completely.
  • Ask the roofing contractor if they will replace your flashings? Replacing your old flashing is a must. Just like with shingles, they can show their age.
  • How will the roofer leave the worksite at the end of the day? Each roofing contractor should check the worksite for any debris that did not make it into the recycle bin and make sure any exposed roof is properly tarped.

Ask questions of your roofing contractor so you know how to handle the experience when you need a new roof. All this information should be discussed and explained when given a free estimate on the cost of the job.

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