Why Are Gutters So Important?

Gutters can play a significant role in preventing water from damaging the inside and the foundation of your home. Gutters are designed to safely disperse rain runoff and snow melt away from your property so that its not pooling around your foundation.

Sometimes the smallest amount of water entering your property can result in major damages to the lower levels of your home and can lead to additional problems like mold growth.

Your gutter system should be free flowing and the downspouts should be positioned so that water is draining away from your home. Make sure the water is flowing freely in your downspouts. If gutters are clogged or water is pooling around your foundations, this can lead to significant damage to your home.

It’s best to check your gutters regularly and make sure water is free flowing. If leaves, twigs and other debris fall into the gutter, then it can clog downspouts and prevent water from flowing freely. To help with this, make sure that any foliage around your home is trimmed and kept neat so debris does not fall onto the house or into the gutters.

During the winter time, gutters play an important role of making sure that melting ice and snow are removed from your roof and away from your house. You’ll want to check for ice dams and make sure that water isn’t freezing around your gutters and roof lines.

With ice dams, water can pool on your roof and leak into your attic, causing serious problems.

If you are looking into new gutters for your home, call BB Roofing for a free, no obligation roofing inspection today. BB Roofing has HAAG certified inspectors in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa that will ensure your home has not been damaged. We will work with you to put together the best solution to getting it fixed; a solution that works with your budget and timeline.

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