How Do I Choose An Energy Efficient Window?

Windows account for about 30% of your home’s energy loss, so picking an energy efficient window can significantly reduce your costs for heating and cooling your home.

When considering an energy efficient window for your home you need to understand what to look for and there are four main areas to focus.

Low-E Glass: windows with Low-E glass reduce heat transfer from infrared and UV rays while allowing visible light into your home. Also, tinted windows also block infrared and UV rays and visible light. Low-E gets applied on different sides of the window. It helps reflect UV rays back outside if used on the exterior and reflects heat indoors if used on the interior.

Insulated Glass vs. Non-insulated glass: This typically refers to windows with more than one glass pane. Most windows installed in homes are double-paned insulated windows. This means that the space between panes gets filled with either argon or krypton gas. Krypton gas is typically used when less volume between the panes, but it is also more expensive than argon.

U-Factor: refers to the heat flow through material. The lower the rating, the better. If a window has a U-Factor of 0.2, it is more energy-efficient than a window with a U-Factor of 0.8. The more energy efficient the window, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you are getting the U-Factor for the entire window and not just the center pane.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: a number that refers to how much heat gain your window will allow from the sun. The lower the number, the less heat gain from the sun. Consider the direction your windows face and whether or not shade is provided. For example, a west-facing window gets the most undesired heat gain from the sun, so you may want to have a higher quality window on a west facing window than on an east facing window. has created a minimum suggested rating (link to: based on regions in the US. This may help guide you in your purchasing decision.

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