What Kind of Window Insulation Do You Need to Prepare For?

September 28, 2023

Did you know that 25% or more of your household energy loss can be attributed to bad or poor window insulation? Fear not, there are ways you can keep the heat in your home and save energy and money. But first, make sure that all your windows are properly caulked and you’ve sealed all the…

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Energy Efficient Windows -

How Do I Choose An Energy Efficient Window?

March 31, 2023

Windows account for about 30% of your home’s energy loss, so picking an energy efficient window can significantly reduce your costs for heating and cooling your home. When considering an energy efficient window for your home you need to understand what to look for and there are four main areas to focus. Low-E Glass: windows…

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What Time of Year is Best For Window Replacement?

September 22, 2022

That’s actually a trick question because window replacement projects can be done all year long. A seasoned professional will make sure all the appropriate steps are taken to ensure a quality installation in any season. Just know there are pros and cons for each season. Spring and summer window installations offer several benefits. Replacing windows…

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Winter Home with Holiday Lights and Tracks

BB Roofing Has Your Home Covered

December 23, 2021

BB Roofing is always listening and one of the worst things a company can hear is, “I didn’t know you did that”. We at BB Roofing are well known for our roofing repairs and replacements. Our quality team ensures that every job we do best suits your needs and budget. But did you also know…

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